Project Description

Les Sources de Caudelie, Bordeaux

Once in a while a hotel comes along that is so special you almost want to keep it a secret. Les Sources de Caudelie in Bordeaux is one of those. 

We visited in Autumn and I can still remember how I felt when there. There is sometime completely magical about it. I couldn’t help but feel both relaxed and elated at the same time. I walked around smiling. You arrive to a beautiful understated mansion and reception area and behind is the most stunning lake. There is no noise except bird song and the occasional happy guest chatting as they return from the spa or vineyard. 

The history of this place is really what makes it so unique. The owners, both Olympic skiers decided to sell everything they had and started the vineyard as a labour of love. Several years later one of their daughters looked at the waste of the grapes that weren’t used in wine and started the now infamous Caudelie Spa. Daughter number two then saw the need for accommodation and the hotel was developed. The family still have a house on-site and are ever present in the planning. 

This place is the dream for a long weekend or frankly as long as you can spend there. With a gym, indoor and outdoor pool, casual restaurant, wine bar, spa, vineyard and Michelin starred restaurant you could spend a happy month here, well I could. 

The rooms and suites are unique and the Prestige Suites look out onto the vineyards. They have a sense of Scandinavian chic and the gently flowing Pampas Grass next to oak walkways couldn’t be more different to the main house rooms or cottages with a more traditional feel yet still with their designer edge.

We ate such superb food and didn’t even try the Michelin offering. Even lunch in the casual wine brasserie was amazing and small sharing plates of taste sensations. 

The spa, which is a separate entity, is huge inside with a pool, massage pools and spa circuit as well as treatment rooms is intensely relaxing. I had a signature grape wrap and massage and blame that entirely for falling fast asleep in a quiet corner afterwards. It was nothing to do with the delicious Bordeaux wines we tried for lunch!

Having the vineyard onsite is such a treat and makes it very easy for people who want to dip into the experience but not make a full trip of it. You can also gently plod back down the hill and continue the experience by the lake or pool at your leisure. They also have a forrest walk with art pieces if you fancy a stroll to walk off lunch. 

I could write about this place for days but I’ll leave it with this thought. Of all of the luxurious properties I have been to, this one is right up there in my top 5 for being completely magical. This was over a grey 2 day trip so imagine how you’d feel on a summers day using the outdoor pool too.