Project Description


You know the guy who used to own Foxtons? He is buying up lots of land in Suffolk and is replanting hundreds of thousands of trees to protect it for future generations; lovely… Even better news is that all this land comes with houses that need a loving touch to bring them back to life. This is where we start our adventure into the “Wilderness”.

The description Wilderness is only true of the surroundings as the properties are amazing. The best comment I have read about this place is: To call these “cottages” is a bit like calling the Queen someone’s nan.

They are delicately restored and in perfect keeping with the beautiful countryside surroundings. There is NO SPA… This is important for two reasons. If you want a spa don’t come here but also because the owner believes relaxation and invigoration comes also from the outdoors and as we walked down a dark path that opened suddenly to a clearing with huge fire, marshmallows and mulled wine I could see he was right. We all felt like excited kids again.

You forgot your wellies? They have them. You rely on coffee to start the day? They have Nespresso Machines. You want a catered evening to relax with family and friends? They have a world class catering team that blew us all away with their luxury family style dining. (They also do seriously delicate meals if preferred).

There is a gorgeous pool and tennis for summer months and bikes for everyone to use.

There are several options within a couple of hours of London that offer houses like this or by lakes etc but what sets this place apart is the service. They have a grounds manager and several full time members of staff. “Reception” is opening very soon but not as you and I know it. It will be a proper old-fashioned sweet shop with a few lovely local extras. The fact you can hire a cottage here but with all the top-level service is what sets this place apart.

We only had one night here but enjoyed every moment. It felt magical to sit by the fire and dance the night away in our own private house. For extended families and anyone looking for a weekend away with friends this is a very special place.