Project Description

Thyme, Cotswolds

When I think of winter in the Cotswolds I have an image of beautiful countryside, roaring fires and light grey stone buildings with resting creepers draped over them.

We spent a lovely night at Thyme in Southrop to check out their new restaurant the Ox Barn. I have been aware of Thyme for a while but not really understood how it all comes together as a hotel. They have different buildings and even own the village pub. There is also a fantastic new spa.
What I love about Thyme having stayed, is that it doesn’t feel like a generic hotel. The beautiful buildings in the grounds (which are a lot more compact than I thought) are all close enough to be practical but make it feel incredibly special. I thought you’d need bikes or car to get from one building but they are a 2 minute stroll.
The real draw of this place is the restaurant. The Ox Barn is absolutely beautiful. The team are young and incredibly enthusiastic. The food was both delicious and different. The feel of the place with its huge high ceiling and great music made it a really fun and a lovely evening. It is modern and stylish and actually compliments the historical setting beautifully.
The spa is wonderful and in the summer they have an outdoor slate pool. They tried to persuade me it was heated and fine in winter. I wasn’t biting.
Thyme is now right up there with my top suggestions for my clients UK breaks. It is gentle and more about muddy boots and cosy pubs in the day with the stylish, modern Ox Barn in the evening. Each room has a different theme again adding to unique feel of the place.
We will be back!