Project Description

I learnt more about Andermatt in our 2-hour village tour than I know about London! That was the wonder of our guide and his incredible knowledge and ability to bring the history of this place to life. As a hugely important route through the Alps it was once a rich trading post full of international flair. Tunnels soon brought faster routes and left Andermatt struggling to find its’ former glamour. That is until now….

Enter a wealthy investor who took one look at Andermatt and decided to build the Chedi in this sleepy village. They also continued to improve the lifts and ski runs and suddenly the village is bustling and has a proud sense of purpose again.

The Chedi brand is well know but before staying I thought it might feel out of place in a gentle Swiss town. It has rich dark woods, luscious fabrics and a Michelin starred Japanese restaurant. The place certainly stands out but not like a sore thumb, rather a shining beacon of luxury, glamour and impeccable service.

This is a hotel for skiers with the incredible ski butlers and luxury transfers to the lifts but also very much for non-skiers. The spa is spectacular and even the most hardy skiers in our group found themselves heading back early to sit in the outdoor pool and wonderful spa circuit. If you like the idea of a long weekend winter wonderland escape this is perfect! Only one hour from Zurich.

There is a genuine sense of wonder about the place. It is that childlike feeling when you marvel at their gingerbread house in the lobby or watch your breath in the outdoor pool. Their barman won bartender of the year in Switzerland. Even his cocktails had an Alice in Wonderland magic to them with smoke and theatrics.

The space is just incredible. I entered my Residence and genuinely thought I’d had a 6 level upgrade. Separate lounge and bedroom, two walk in wardrobes, bar area and stunning bathroom. It was easily as big as my first flat. It feels well thought out and homely. The working fireplace adds a special touch and the bed… did I mention the bed? £50,000 each and completely hand made. As someone who spends too much time on my kids floors this felt like heaven!

Andermatt is smaller and quieter than some of the more buzzy resorts but this brings a calm and ease, which I loved. You could put the Chedi anywhere and I’d say it was one of the top hotels in the world. As I sat in the warm outdoor pool watching the lights sparkle and snow on the trees I could see why they chose this place. Genuine magic!