Project Description

St Lucia – Viceroy Sugar Beach

On a recent holiday to St Lucia we visited the most spectacular setting for any hotel. Set between the two Pitons, the Viceroy Sugar Beach is fast becoming one of the most popular luxury properties in the Caribbean.

I have sold it for many years in its’ former life as Jalousie Plantation and wanted to see if the Viceroy management had breathed new life into the property. The quick answer is they most certainly have!

As you arrive on a slightly unfinished road you wonder what will greet you. Happily it is a smiling face with two ice-cold welcome drinks and cool towels.

The rooms vary greatly in terms of size and setting but they have been well restored with all the modern amenities you would expect. We had a Luxury Villa 705 with a great plunge pool and lovely view.

Each villa comes with a butler and a mobile phone to contact them anytime. We tested the service several times and were blown away by the attention we received. We even asked for a boat the next day to take us back up the coast to our resort and when we got back from dinner we were greeted by our butler to explain it had all been arranged and was on the room bill. It really was faultless service.

The real focus of the resort is down by the beach where you have the most incredible pool and beautiful beach with an area protected for snorkelling. I was impressed by the variety of fish there. The beach and pool chairs are the most ridiculously comfortable I have ever tried.

There is a quiet attentiveness to the staff at the property who are always there to offer you a new towel, a cold drink or take your order at lunchtime. It genuinely does feel like nothing is too much trouble.

The variety in the evening is also a huge plus for me. There is a casual beach setting and a fine dining option but also a very cool “New York” style bar with flowing white curtains and a sushi menu.

The resort is large and set on a hill so people do use the tuk-tuks to get about. I am always nervous about this as I worry clients will have to wait for them and it may be frustrating, but it works. We did not have to wait longer than a couple of minutes at any time for one.

The setting in unbeatable and with the spring in everyone’s step on property it is clear to see why it is so popular. We will be sending our clients there and know what room numbers to request for the best view of those dramatic Pitons.