Project Description

Marvellous Mykonos

The “party place of Greece” is often the title this wonderful island is labeled with. I think it is fair to say there is certainly an element of hedonism there with bars open until 9 am and the trendy set recovering by the pool with sparkling water, sunglasses and lunchtime cocktails for “medicinal purposes”. There is however a gentler side to this place that is found in lower season and slightly off the main streets.

We visited three properties and stayed at the Myconian Ambassador. This is just outside the main area of Mykonos Town and has its own lovely little beach area with tavernas on the water about a 5-minute stroll from the hotel. The hotel is a great place but clearly an old hotel that has been updated to follow the trend for style on the island. The only things that need to catch up are the bathrooms. Their food was really wonderful and they have a wonderful Thalassotherapy pool circuit.

The Mykonos Grace and Bill and Coo are both new hotels that have white floors, a few pastel colours throughout and a feeling of being very trendy. Chill out music plays by the pool and generally everyone looks fantastic. I liked the laid back feel of these hotels and whilst there was a sense of glamour about both, the welcoming smiles of the staff were unpretentious and made everyone feel welcome immediately.

Mykonos town is a lovely maze of cobbled streets with restaurants, bars and the odd Louis Vuitton shop for good measure. Then on the waterfront is an area called Little Venice, which in the day is relaxing and feels a little historical and at night is where people party to the early hours.

At the other end of town is a Taverna that I want to recommend. It is hidden a little behind another with a loud owner who always encourages you in to the first one but persevere and Salparo is amazing. Waiters wear Jean Paul Gautier stripy blue and white T shirts (so you know you are in the right place). After hundreds of Greek salads and calamari try the shrimp parcels here, as they are incredible and the courgette fritters are equally good. The owner home grows a lot of the produce and they have a very good chef who creates interesting dishes beautifully presented.

Mykonos is both for people who want to party and for those who are happy to avoid the partying. When you go and where you stay will determine the feel of your holiday there.