Project Description

Mousses Villas, Kids Club and Creche

Where can I start my review of Mousses in Lefkas? Well, I read my first book in four years! This may not seem of particular interest to most but for any parents of babies and toddlers, you will know what a revelation this is and all thanks to Natasha and her team in the incredible kids club and Crèche.

Mousses is a small, intimate, family run resort where the staff know you day one and treat you like family too. There are ten two-bedroom villas and two three-bed larger villas with private pools. The gardens are gorgeous, safe and well kept with a large gate (always closed) at the front and it was safe for the children to go off on adventures, which they did every morning. The addition of gating around the pools is brilliant and means you never have to worry and if they wandered too far another family would always be there to play and gently herd them back. The guests were all English families so it had a very safe feel and again if someone else’s children wanted to join ours they all had an amazing time.

The fantastic thing about the set up is they have an on site taverna with Vera the amazing chef not only producing the standard Greek salad etc but also more varied dishes and a delicious chicken salad etc. They also deliver the food to your villa so while the children sleep off the day’s excitement you can still enjoy a beautifully cooked meal and a gin and tonic.

The team on site are amazing and anything you need they do it before you think of it. You have your hands full of delicious freshly ground coffee Zois the owner has just made you? Can’t open the gate? No problem he is there with you helping before you reaslise. They are just brilliant.

Our days were a joyous combination of mornings splashing in the pool with the children; lovely ice creams served up by the ever-friendly Yolanda who knew exactly how to make the kids feel like they were in charge of the sauce decision and made them feel important. Then after lunch came the really amazing thing about Mousses. KIDSCLUUUUB… Now I know that isn’t the correct spelling but it was how our and our friend’s 3 years olds shouted it out as we skipped off there each of the four afternoons in a week. It felt a bit funny initially leaving them there to go and lie by the pool and read, or have a lazy lunch and enjoy a peaceful beer but they absolutely adored it. To the point they were disappointed when it was a day off. They also offer a morning option and then one night each week so you can go into Lefkas for dinner or just collapse at the taverna on site.

Natasha runs the club and is incredible. She has such an air of confidence in her role and supports the team so clearly that you just instantly relax. We left our one year old for the first time with them and found him fast asleep on pillows in the reading corner on our return. You cannot ask for more than that! The attention to detail with their rucksacks and water bottles is lovely and on our one year olds birthday, that fell while we were away, they made him a cake and card and had a little birthday party for him. I don’t know anywhere else that would go to so much trouble.

I hope the photos do the place some justice. We are already re-booking for next year which considering the options I know about, being a travel agent, should go some way towards explaining how utterly brilliant this place is.