Project Description

Los Cabos

From our road trip in the USA we took the short two-hour flight to Los Cabos. It is not a huge destination for the English market but this for me is the perfect beach break after some time in LA, San Francisco, San Diego or even New York with a new direct flight. I often have clients suggest Hawaii, which is lovely but a lot further away so I was very excited to be visiting the region.

You may think from my blogs that I always love everywhere and my sales hat is on but this is not always the case and sadly here there was one property that fell very short of even a kind mark. Zoetry Casa Del Mar was not a hotel for my clients or me. It had a real sense of lethargy and left us all saddened and frustrated in equal measure. No more of that however as the rest was phenomenal.

Las Ventanas where even the name is like the sigh of joy you’ll exhale when visiting. It is absolutely incredible. I never say favourite because it is so subjective but it is joint top for me in the area and one of the highlights of my travel anywhere. The staff, the rooms, the food and the pool areas are beautiful and their new beachfront villas are so stunning I exhausted my camera’s card and battery in just 20 minutes. The only thing to note is you cannot swim in the sea directly in front of the hotel due to a strong rip tide but if you can tear yourself away from your veranda, breakfast, the most comfortable sun loungers and attentive service you could go further down the beach for a dip.

The other property I felt was a strong competitor but for a very different client is One&Only Palmilla. This is a bigger resort with more dense vegetation and it felt like the perfect option for families with any age children. A few days at Disney dealt with and what better than a rest on the beach. The beach here is swimmable which is a huge bonus for families but the resort is for everyone and has hidden peaceful spots including a non-swimmable beach called Turtle Beach, as this is where they hatch and where adults hide away. I don’t know where to start with the food. We ate at the chef’s table where it is filled with ice and many delicious dishes are brought out for you to try from a Ceviche the best I’ve tasted to steak and chips to Churros dipped in velvet chocolate. I’d fly all the way back there for another meal there.

Esperanza is a gentle, civilized property that apart from its cliff setting reminded me of Barbados hotels with the horseshoe style of rooms overlooking the gardens and wonderful pool area. This is for couples looking for peace where you are only disturbed by the odd humming bird by the balcony. There is a family pool, which is busier, but for me the place was gentle and very special. It is one of only three Relais & Chateau hotels in Mexico.

Our last stop was the livelier Capella Pedregal. This is right by the town area with its bars and nightlife. This is not St Tropez as every other bar is offering free tequila shots but it is fun and teenagers will love the cinema, shopping and sense of life to be found there. Through the rock by tunnel you arrive at Pedregal, which is a shining beauty of a property. It has a lovely beach (again no swimming due to currents) and incredible pools, rooms and the food is impeccable. It is for people who like to people watch and enjoy a lively town within walking distance.

I thought a lot about Los Cabos. If someone asked me is it Mexico my official answer has to be yes but it is very safe Americanised Mexico where you can still pick up a Starbucks and McDonalds along side Tequila bars. The properties away from town are quieter and more relaxed but if you want fun it is all there and only a 20-minute cab ride away.

If I am describing a taxi as a cab, it is time to finish this write up of all things America but I’ll be dreaming of Villa 1 at Las Ventanas until I go back one day.