Project Description

Forte Village, Sardinia

The Forte Village has always been a bit of an enigma to me. It is very expensive and yet it is almost always fully booked and hard to get into in peak season. I wanted to see first hand how the resort was set up and what made it so special.

We stayed at Hotel Castello, which is one of the two beachfront properties. Castello is very much a traditional hotel with several floors. There is also Le Dune at the front of the property and it is made up of bungalows dotted through the gardens.

You really do need to see the Forte Village to understand it, as there are many properties and they differ dramatically. The themes that run throughout the property are excellent food, a safe environment for kids to explore and vast facilities.

If you have active teenagers who would appreciate a football, netball or rugby academy run by top sportsmen this would be perfect. They can also then safely cycle down to the beach to meet parents who have enjoyed a restful morning. After dinner they have full access to a square with live music, dancing and shows or over to leisure land with bowling and go karting.

The beach is absolutely amazing and easily as good as the Caribbean. It gently shelves down with soft white sand and is very safe for children. There are touts who are hustled along by hotel staff but it is all very respectful.

The hotel is always booked on a half board basis (breakfast and dinner) and there are some rules about what is included in each hotel (and sometimes room type) about what is in the plan and what you must pay extra for. It seemed a little strange to me to be asking a high price for clients to stay and then limiting the restaurants but actually it makes sense. The more you pay and better hotel you stay in the more access you have to the top a la carte restaurants without them being overrun. This also allows people to stay on property and enjoy all the facilities and beach without paying quite as much.

It is hard to sum up Forte Village but I would say it is important to manage client’s expectations. If this is a once in a lifetime treat and really style and exclusivity focused some people may feel slightly underwhelmed by the rooms and feel of some properties. This is a deluxe resort offing so much for children and teenagers and also exceptional restaurants and spa etc but it is not dripping in Philippe Starck style and does not have ultra polite, white gloved waiters at every turn. It is a beach resort that offers a holiday for everyone. A happy child means happy parents and I saw many happy children of all ages at the Forte Village.