St Barths – Eden Rock

It was with a heavy heart I left the beautiful island of Anguilla for our short 30-minute private flight to St Barths but as we circled the island and landed with a view of the stunning Eden Rock Hotel I knew things were going to be pretty special. We were met and whisked off in a blackened window Mercedes to what felt like a very odd hotel entrance. It was private and looked like a back door. It was – to the Villa Rockstar, the flagship four bedroom private residence within Eden Rock.

To visit this place is special but to actually stay in the villa was spectacular. My bedroom is a favourite of Leonardo DiCaprio who famously hired the villa for his New Years Eve party.

Words cannot do the place justice but the photos will help. It is beyond lavish with everything you could ever want and they even added a recording studio and convertible mini for your use when there.

The hotel itself is stylish and calm with just the right energy. The gardens and space on the beach mean you never feel it is too busy and yet you can sit and people watch for the entire holiday and never turn a page of your book.

The two restaurants in resort are so well thought out. Light, innovative food punctuated by some hard hitting delights such as a truffle pizza. The atmosphere seamlessly changed from relaxed cool daytime vibe to a chilled-out stylish evening.

Hotels are bricks and mortar and no matter how innovative or well thought out it is the staff that matter most for me. Eden Rock has completely and utterly cracked it in my opinion.

To say everyone in St Barths is beautiful is no understatement and not just in looks. The personalities that shine through even the simplest of actions like bringing you your morning coffee to laying out some extra towels make you feel special somehow and that your enjoyment matters to the team.

I have been ever so lucky in my 19 years in luxury travel and visited places like Laucala in Fiji so am not easily impressed but I can honestly say Eden Rock is my favourite hotel in the world (for me personally). For the way it made me feel when there and the way I feel every time I think about it since coming home. A sweeping statement it is true but no other hotel has had such an impact on my sense of wellbeing and mood.

Massive credit goes to the tireless team who make the stunning venue come alive. I’ll be back as quick as time permits.