Project Description

Corfu 2020

The warm, crystal clear sea and huge Cypress trees that hug the coastline make Corfu one of my absolute favourite Greek islands. Small bays and pretty harbours in the quieter northeast are easy to explore by little rental boats and you really can escape the world and find utter peace and quiet (that is until the kids scream with delight as they leap in the sea).

The food is particularly good on Corfu with fresh fish in abundance and really innovative menus. Our local supermarket stocked gin, slim-line tonics, blueberries and raspberries. Frankly you knew they had correctly judged their target market!

The beaches are generally pebbly in this area but one epic beach for younger kids is Apraos, which has waist high access for about 50 meters with clear water and soft sand. We had several lunches down there followed by afternoons of sandcastle making and ice cream eating.

As all parents know the preparation that goes into travelling with kids is immense and this year we had to add face masks into the equation and also the general unknown elements of the current situation.

I know a lot of people want to know exactly what it was like to travel at this time so I’ll be completely honest. It was wonderful! We arrived at Gatwick and put on our masks. Initially it felt odd to see everyone like this but within about 20 minutes we had all relaxed and it wasn’t a big deal at all. So much so that on our return we almost got back to our car before remembering we could remove them.

The airport was quiet and we strolled straight to bag drop and then through security with no queue at all. The flight was only 2.5 hours and again well organised. The staff were lovely and served food and drink. The kids were all happy with their masks on and zoned out to Ipads as usual.

Once in Greece you needed to pop on a mask in a supermarket but that was it. What really impressed me was how the Greeks all had masks and yet their warm smiles and charm weren’t diminished at all by this. We ate out in full restaurants most nights by the sea and enjoyed every moment.

We had the most wonderful holiday made even more special by the initial concerns we might not able to get away. It was quite frankly the most precious down time I have ever had.

I am here to help with your travel plans and right now, it is especially important to know how to have a relaxed journey and fun time away.  It is true there are some forms to fill in and perhaps a test needed prior to travel but with the right knowledge and help it is all immensely doable and as you sit there with a glass of rose watching the sunset over the sea I promise you it is worth it.