Castello di Casole, Tuscany

When I think of Tuscany I have an image of rolling hills, Cyprus trees and stunning castles and farmhouses perched on top of these hills. The ultimate question is how do you choose the right castle or place to stay.

Castillo di Casole was my third Tuscan countryside property and my absolute favourite. There is something hard to put into words about how a place makes you feel but safe, relaxed, welcome and above all happy would be a good start.

The staff are friendly and chat with guests in such a warm manner. The food is stunning and the views are breathtaking. The choice of rooms means there is something to suit everyone from the very modern Oliveto Suites to the classic castle style suites closer to the main building.

This place is far more than a renovated castle. It feels like a village with town square and a pizzeria. The infinity pool is amazing and places to relax with a drink and take in the view are dotted around the property.

Castello di Casole is standout for all these reasons but also the vast land it occupies. There are about 30 farmhouses dotted around the grounds all with private pools and full access to the hotel facilities and concierge team. The ability to go for relaxing walks in the countryside almost completely car free is amazing.

It is owned by Timber Resorts from the USA and the general manager Federico leads by example. He encourages his team to interact with guests in such a natural manner, it is wonderful and epitomises the approach they have which is ultra professional and efficient but understated and friendly.

The hotel’s position is also amazing. It is 30 minutes from Sienna and San Gimignano. The nearby village 10 minutes away has a wonderful couple of restaurants for a change of scene. I often feel like four nights are a good amount of time at a property like this but I could easily spend two weeks here!

I am so lucky in my job to visit some incredible places and it is easy to take this for granted but Castello di Casole is standout incredible. If you are looking for the feel of a hilltop castle and village with brilliant accommodation, service, food and activities look no further. I’ll be recommending this to my clients as soon as I land. (I felt so passionate about this beautiful property I’m writing this on the plane home).